e-newspaperDigital Presse covers the emerging market of e-books and e-readers, digital devices that store and display text designed for reading. For a seemingly simple device, e-readers have proven a unique challenge for inventors, innovators and marketeers.

Improving on the book becomes complicated quickly. E-readers provoke a range of reactions from consumers and industry moguls, from skeptical to enthralled to terrified. As for publishers, some commentators herald digital reading devices as industry saviors while others denounce them as doom-bringers.

Regardless of your initial inclinations, the shift from physical print to digitally rendered text merits a closer look. As our convenience-driven, always-connected, instant-gratification society moves forward, e-readers seem all but inevitable. And with techno-wizards coming out with new devices every month, the inevitable future of information consumption is now.e-reader and book

About the Author

Channing Turner is a digital media journalism student at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. He has worked in the media industry at The Arizona Republic and the Washington Post Digital.

For more of Channing’s work and information, see his personal blog, Traveled Traveler.

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